I am a community builder, your communication specialist and a gaming expert

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About me

I am a real and proud geek, a web conqueror since my childhood. I grew up in the beautiful region of Alsace, in France.

Enthusiastic about Roller Coasters, I started a blog at 11 years old to share pictures of the craziest amusement parks. Its popularity increased and was for a while on the first page of Google's researches with the according keywords.

Two years later, I organized a video game tournament based on the well-known game Halo2. Positively surprised by my willpower at such a young age, the French press covered the event and wrote an article.

My passion for video games and entertainment was constantly growing and around 16 years old, I founded a video game portal with an integrated billing system. More than 180 000 players registered and joined the adventure. This experience has drawn my ambitions and potential career. In my free time after school, I took part in a CS program at Funcom where I have acquired a strong knowledge of customer relation management in a professional customer support environment.

A few years later, I purchased a considerable amount of audio and visual equipment to animate birthday parties as a hobby, then as a lucrative activity. All these provision of services have involved an event planning and have resulted in successful evenings with satisfied guests.

When I obtained my Communication and Human Resources Management diploma in 2011, I joined Mail.ru Games GmbH in Hamburg (Germany) as a French Community Manager and launched 4 popular games.

In 2014, I moved to Amsterdam (Netherlands) to join Perfect World Europe B.V. as Community Specialist. In October 2014, I organized the attendance of Perfect World Europe to Paris Games Week. In August 2015, I assisted the Public Relation team in technical operations during all presentations with journalists at Gamescom. I am now in charge of the franchise “Dungeons and Dragons: Neverwinter” in our European office, coordinating the technical operations and communication plans for 6 territories (Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Turkey and Russia).

By bringing together my passion for video games/eSports and my entrepreneurial mindset, you will find the candidate you are looking for. I am dedicated to my job, beyond working hours. I achieve the goals and ensure the increase of my company's current success. I am versatile and creative, trying to lighten up the mood in my team while staying seriously focused on my projects. Curious by nature, I'm thirsty for new challenges and knowledge. Please contact me if you think that your company would be the ideal place to continue my career.



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